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Agriculture & Aquaculture

Keeping unwanted animals from destroying or contaminating your agricultural crops or farmed marine life, helps increase yield while reducing both the income and time lost to sorting through damaged crops or fish inventory.



By Land or By Sea

Predators come in plenty of shapes and sizes. Everything from birds, bats, squirrels, raccoons and deer, to seals, otters, seabirds, orcas and sharks. Prevention is everything. It’s much easier and more economical to stop an intruder than it is to clean up the mess and mayhem after.


Letting In The Good, Keeping Out The Bad

Some things are good for your crops to be exposed to. Sunlight, rain, plenty of oxygen, and pollinators like bees. Much better than hot house growing. Our ag nets are designed to only let in what you need. Same’s true in the marine environment. Sunlight, clean water, plenty of oxygen and the natural microscopic nutrients. Our marine nets let you have the advantages of nature, but with protection from intruders.


The Right Nets To Protect and Serve

All netting is not equal. We specify the optimum material, weave, size and strength to assure that your fruit, fish or plants are not only protected, but treated with the greatest of care. So you can deliver a premium product and get maximum return on your effort.

About Us

Established in 1997, Pacific Netting Products is the world’s leading provider of engineered netting solutions for projects ranging from residential applications to the design, manufacture and installation of the world’s largest underwater netting system.

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