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Major facilities including hydroelectric plants, nuclear energy plants, reservoir dams, industrial mills and others who are responsible for keeping fish, algae and debris from entering their systems, rely on Pacific Netting Products.



Safer For Operations, Safer For Nature

Besides operational and functional reasons for protecting water intakes and turbines, federal laws, state laws, environmental issues and ecological concerns for fish and habitats demand that reliable water control be a top priority.


Intelligent Fish Control and Preservation

As stewards of our waterways, private and governmental water resource operations must balance their need for water with the protection and support of fish and other marine life. Our knowledge of fish allows us to select safer net materials and to properly guide fish along the routes that help them stay healthy and strengthen their numbers.


Design, Build, Install and Service

Few if any, advanced netting manufacturers offer the full range of support that PNP does. We’re highly skilled in engineering the most progressive systems, selecting the newest materials and being there for every step from design to long-term maintenance.


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About Us

Established in 1997, Pacific Netting Products is the world’s leading provider of engineered netting solutions for projects ranging from residential applications to the design, manufacture and installation of the world’s largest underwater netting system.

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