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MultiFunction Booms

MultiFunction Booms
Pacific Netting Products uses customized and proprietary manufacturing processes to produce its MultiFunction Boom™ (patent pending number 29,610,480) using extruded high-density polyethylene. One of the benefits of products built using extruded materials is the product consistency which can be defined in standards such as ASTM D3350, which delineate key properties and ranges of performance, including safe pull (tensile) strength.

These known properties of our MultiFunction Booms allow evaluators and engineers to be confident in an expected product life of 50 years or more. Other booms made of wood, rotational molding, steel or aluminum simply cannot match the performance and durability of PNP MultiFunction Booms.

Modular and Versatile
MultiFunction Booms™ can be customized by engineers or facility owners to fit a variety of security or operational requirements, arrangements or configurations for applications in the utility, dam, reservoir, port, harbor or marina industries. Booms can be sized in diameters and with wall thicknesses, fittings, components and structural arrangements to meet site-specific requirements.

To meet regulatory requirements, MultiFunction Booms™ are available in yellow, orange, standard black or a custom color if required. The finished products can be fitted with debris skirts, walkways, fences, signs or other attachments and the structures can be ballasted or even positioned vertically if needed as a spar.

With many booms, internal tension members and boom section connections are often the failurepoints. The benefit of using a material with a high tensile strength, a high bending radius and a design where boom sections are connected with flange bolted or pad eye fittings, is that the entire completed boom becomes the structural load member. This results in a very low maintenance solution where the typical boom failure points have been eliminated. In addition, without gaps between boom sections, debris guidance and exclusion, and safety for distressed boaters can be enhanced.

Boom Cost Analysis
Engineers and project managers understand that many factors affect the decision making process for selecting a boom system. Project life, boom acquisition cost, expected boom life, annual O&M expense, annual generation gain or loss, lifetime investment gain, lifetime total ownership cost and ROI are all key factors.

multifunction boom whitepaper

To learn more about the advantages of PNP MultiFunction Booms, click here to download our report “Determining Return on Investment for Debris, Safety and Demarcation Barriers”.

Multi-Function Booms
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