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Every net has an optimum design. Understanding loads, stresses, elasticity, buoyancy, UV wear, abrasion resistance, connecting forces and the physics of nature are mandatory for success.


Co-founder Glenn Kramer’s engineering degree in net science is not only rare to find, but also key our ability to innovate. PNP has built advanced net systems that can stretch for miles. Our designs can be found protecting mission critical areas like water intakes for nuclear plants and hydro-electric facilities. Places where failure is not an option.


Glenn and co-founder Dave Erickson have logged in decades of designing sophisticated commercial netting systems. This experience has generated a knowledge base that’s been tested under the most demanding environments and weather conditions.


In every net and system we design, from complex CAD-driven installations for large industrial operations, to the simplest sports netting around home plate at a ball field, we always give you the optimum design.


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