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Theme Parks / Play Structures

Part of having fun, is knowing that you’re safe while you’re doing it. It’s okay to create a little thrill for a teen on a theme ride, or a motor-skill challenge for a toddler at a playground. But the underlying concern always has to be safety first.


For Little Kids

Even with padded rubber mats or soft bark coverings, our youngest kids need nets to be there in case of falls. Soft play structures made from nets can also provide great indoor fun, and worry-free play time in contained, safe spaces.


For Pre-Teen

Rope bridges and climbing nets can be great for developing coordination and strength in our children. And nets can also block entry from “no climb” areas to keep children from exploring places where hazards might be.


For Teens to Adults

As thrill seekers graduate to more sophisticated, engineered rides taking people through loops, spins and barrel rolls, accident prevention requires even more sophisticated safeguards. Protective nets around tall attractions and rides, keeps those above and below safe from falls and falling objects.



Nickelodeon Universe, the nation's largest theme park, PNP's netting install at Adventure Bay.



Recent Projects:

Universal Studios

Hollywood, CA

Themed Safety Net


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