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Temperature & Algae Curtain

 In 2015 PNP teamed with a company that was determined to reduce the impacts of their hydroelectric dams, particularly on migratory fish such as salmon and steelhead trout. The company has taken a proactive approach to endangered species protection in the Northwest. In order to achieve their goals in this region, the company needed to control algae growth in their lake environment and contain higher temperature lake water in the reservoir while releasing cooler, deeper lake water downstream.

The engineers at PNP designed, built and installed a 800’ Long X 40’ Deep flexible barrier with a non-permeable curtain and 18” High-Density Polyethylene floats. The barrier restricts the movement of algae and warmer water while allowing the preferable cooler water to move along the lake floor. The end result is a better habitat for the local fish population and a reduction in operational downtime for the power plants.

Key Features

  • Designed to control algae and temperature

  • 800’ Long X 40’ Deep

  • XR5 fabric curtain

  • 6” heavy netting support exclusion net

  • 40’ deep non permeable curtain

  • Surface winch system to control curtain depth

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