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Sea-Tac Airport

Bird strikes cost the U.S. aviation industry $700 million annually, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, and more than 200 people have died as a result of bird-plane collisions in the past quarter-century worldwide.

Airports are ecosystems despite all the concrete, so managing bird strikes is about creating environments that discourage the hazardous birds, especially ones that flock. Take the stormwater-detention ponds. To keep away waterfowl like Canada geese, which are large and like to flock, SeaTac contacted Pacific Netting Products to cover the ponds with exclusion nets. The engineers at PNP designed, built and installed at SeaTac flexible barrier solutions made of 2” x 2” black knotted nylon held in place with a tension system which has driven waterfowl away from the ponds.


  • Coverage up to 500,000 sq. ft. ponds

  • 2” X 2” Black Knotted Nylon

  • Square mesh construction

  • On time and on budget install


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Established in 1997, Pacific Netting Products is the world’s leading provider of engineered netting solutions for projects ranging from residential applications to the design, manufacture and installation of the world’s largest underwater netting system.

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